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Sterling Silver Mushroom Pendant with Flowers and Garnet

Indulge your love for nature and the whimsical world of fairies with this sterling silver mushroom pendant, a captivating piece designed especially for those who cherish the beauty of the nature. It is a miniature masterpiece, capturing the essence of these enchanting fungi, making it a delight for mushroom enthusiasts. For those who find wonder in the realm of fairies and magic, this necklace is the perfect embodiment of their mystical allure. Its rustic look will pull you into the mythical woodlands, where tiny forest creatures are said to reside. Wearing this necklace, you can't help but feel a deeper connection to the natural world and the mysteries it holds.
The tiny garnet stone in the middle of the pendant is customizable. Please reach out to me if you prefer a different stone.

Pendant width: 27mm
Pendant height (with the bail): 32mm

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