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silver sheet is my canvas, Fire is my Brush

Jewelry is my art

Müge Salmaner

THe Beginning

It all began around the bonfire, among the rhythmic beats of drums and the crackling of flames. In the heart of Seattle's parks, I found myself immersed in an experience of self-discovery and growth. Those nights were catalysts for my evolution, awakening for a new path. 

I grew up in the heart of Istanbul, the city where the East meets West but spent the majority of my adult life in the PNW. I arrived at Sea-Tac international airport with 2 suitcases and dreams for a future I had not fully realized at the time.

During my time in graduate school, I discovered an unexpected passion: silversmithing and drumming. I started with upcycling my own jewelry. My husband and I started playing percussion instruments. Influenced by our drummer friends, we started going to drum circles. Drumming and crafting were like medicine. There were nights we would meet our drummer friends at parks in Seattle and play djembes and frame drums for hours sitting in a circle around the fire. 

This mini bonfire was the center of everybody’s attention, where we spaced out while playing. Sometimes it seemed we reached a trance state with the rhythm and the fire. This is where I reflected on my own transformation in that transcendental state of mind. My life was shifting, I was becoming something else than I was expecting to be.

Fire also plays another great role in my transformation. I remember the first time I stepped into a jewelry studio. That was the day I made my first ring when I held a torch for the first time and I fell in love with the process. Especially the fire. The moment that two metal pieces joined together was just magical. Fire is fascinating, dangerous, and learning how to control it before it melts down the silver requires some skill. And oh yes, I melted metal in this process many times. I made so many mistakes, got frustrated, and wanted to throw it away but my love for metal and fire just grew bigger. 

The Inspiration

What started as a creative outlet quickly blossomed into a profound love for working with metal and fire. I envisioned a style of jewelry that combined elements of hippie, witchy, and earthy aesthetics, yet I couldn't find exactly what I wanted elsewhere. So, I decided to create it myself. I embarked on a journey to craft wearable art that resonated with individuals who, like myself, find comfort and inspiration in nature, art, music, and the sacred spaces of their homes, adorned with dried flowers. Sterling silver sheet became my canvas, fire became a brush. Each piece I create is a labor of love, an invitation to reconnect with the earth, and embrace a slower, more intentional way of living. For me, jewelry transcends mere adornment; it serves as a vessel for self-expression and a tangible reminder of the profound connection we share with the world around us.

My mission

Today, as the founder of my own jewelry brand, I am guided by a simple mission – to create wearable art that speaks to your lifestyle. Inspired by my journey of self-discovery and transformation, each piece is a testament to the beauty of embracing change, of embracing the fire within.

My name is Müge Salmaner. I speak with an accent, I write with an accent. I am a mother, a hippie, a feminist, a drummer, a dreamer, and a silversmith. I am constantly changing, always becoming...