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Bonfire Design Fuller House Jodie Sweetin Ring Season 4 & 5

Bonfire Design Turquoise Flower Ring was worn by Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) on Episode 5 of Fuller House Season 4 at Netflix.

Bonfire Design Charmed Ring Season 1

Our Triple Moon Goddess Ring was worn on Episode 106 of Charmed (11.18.2018) at CW. On the 16 minute mark.

Bonfire Design Lotus Hoop Earrings DaySpa Magazine Holiday Gift Guide

Bonfire Design's Lotus Hoop Earrings are featured in Dayspa Magazine's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Bonfire Design Witch Way Magazine Cover Photo

Bonfire Design is on the cover of Witch Way Magazine's January 2018 issue.

Bonfire Design published in Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine

Bonfire Design is published in Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine in both Autumn 2017 & Winter 2018 issues