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At Bonfire Jewelry Design, we carefully select the finest materials, sourcing all our silver locally within the USA, guaranteed to be authentic 925 sterling silver and 18K yellow gold. While jewelry, particularly sterling silver, may naturally tarnish over time, fret not; it's easily remedied. A gentle polish with a soft cloth restores its luster effortlessly. To preserve your treasures, store them in a cool, dry place in their original packaging, accompanied by an anti-tarnish strip.

Delighting in the intricate details of our designs, we purposefully oxidize our sterling silver pieces, infusing them with a vintage allure reminiscent of unearthed treasures. To ensure their longevity, we advise against wearing jewelry during water activities or intense physical pursuits. Avoiding contact with water, body lotions, perfumes, and harsh chemicals safeguards the integrity of your pieces.

For gemstones, handle with care, avoiding direct contact with water, especially at high temperatures, along with chemical liquids, lotions, detergents, and perfumes. By following these simple guidelines, your cherished jewelry will remain radiant for years to come, embodying the timeless elegance of Bonfire Jewelry Design.