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Romantic Jewelry with a Bohemian Twist: Bonfire Design's Valentine's Day Collection

We are living in an era of self expression. Clothing, hair style, jewelry and body modifications are highly individualized and are an extension of a person's personality. Sometimes it's hard to find that special item that has an edge for women with an alternative style. Call it bohemian, call it hippie or new age. They are different, they are confident and they do not want to look like they are dressed up just like everyone else. Their style isn't found in big box department stores. As Valentine's Day is approaching you will see all those hearts and flowers flying off the shelves. Whether you have a partner on V-day or not, don't feel shy! Grab your own heart shaped jewelry at Bonfire Design.


 This collection will be available on my Facebook page on Jan 30th, 2019 for a LIVE sale at 7pm PST. Some of these are one of a kind jewelry and the rest will be in limited quantities. Click here to join my FB page.  Would you like to keep in the loop about specials, new products, and other neat stuff? Join me by theBonfire and become a part of our tribe!