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Crystal Healing: Recharge Yourself

By Tasha Davy

Remember the last time you went to the beach or to the mountains? How about to the desert? Do you remember the way these places made you feel?  The energies that were present at that time? Most people will say “of course these places feel different”.  These places feel different in our heart as they hold very different, but equally powerful energies.  The natural world is full of healing energies.  Jump in a secluded mountain lake and you will come out feeling renewed like never before.  What makes crystals special is that they hold the power of the earth.  The power of healing that resides in the most sacred of natural spaces.  Each stone carries a different healing energy, and each stone has something different to share with us. 

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We may have to quiet our minds and settle into our bodies to truly feel all that these stones have to share with us. A huge lesson to be learned with crystals is patience.  Just as it took eons for these crystals to form deep in the earth, it can take some time for us to truly connect with all that these stones have to teach us.  But once we learn to listen they are full of information and wisdom.  What I most love about stones is that they speak to different people in different ways, and bring different healing energies to different people. 

When starting out in learning about healing stones you are bound to find many books all stating the “right” way to do things.  I do believe that this is the correct way for the author, but it is up to each of us to find the way to work with these stones that is right for us.  Use your intuition and listen to these stones when it comes to working with them, and you will get so much farther than you would otherwise. 

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When a new crystal comes into my life I take time to sit with it in my hands, or held close to my heart.  I open my heart and ask the crystal some questions.  Such as - What do you help with? What gifts do you have to share with me?  How can I work with you? How do you like to be cleansed?  Truly the questions here are endless, and will become more specific as you get to know your magical little friend. 

It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly as they can pick negative energy with time.  This is especially important if you have used a stone or stones for an energy work session. My favorite ways to cleanse stones are to put them directly on the earth in the moonlight, place them in a natural creek and let the water wash away anything that is not in their highest good.  You can also cleanse them with sacred smoke, fire, salt, or even intentional breath. 

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There are so many different ways to work with stones.  You can create a grid - to bring protection and clarity to a space.  Or offer a layout on the body to realign the bodies energy fields. You can use them to pull negative energy off someone or something. You can also simply carry them in your pockets or have one of many talented jewelry designers create a piece of jewelry to help bring your intentions to life. The most important thing when working with gemstones and crystals is to keep an open heart and to listen to what they have to share with you.  As you learn, grow and evolve, crystals and gemstones are a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the healing and abundance of our earth mother, and for the mysteries of the universe.

About the guest author

Tasha Davy Crystal Healing Bonfire Design
Tasha Davy

Business Name: Kinti Craft
Located in: Issaquah, WA 
When I create I feel my ancestors watching over my shoulder, whispering words of wisdom and encouragement. Pachamama lends her voice, opens my heart and brings peace of mind as I pour blessings into my work. This jewelry is so much more than just art to me. It's my way of honoring the earth, my ancestors, and my own heart.
My main Influence is Mother Nature and the endless gifts and healing that she offers unconditionally. She truly is the best healer. If all I do in this life is honor her my work will be complete. ❤
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