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Article: Rituals and Sacred Spaces:

6 Steps To Create Your Own Altar

Rituals and Sacred Spaces: <p> 6 Steps To Create Your Own Altar </p>

Rituals and Sacred Spaces:

6 Steps To Create Your Own Altar

By Tasha Davy

Altars are beautiful ways to focus our intentions and help us to create the life we dream of.  They contain sacred objects placed with heartfelt intent.  A thoughtfully created altar enhances the power and sacredness of the ritual while bringing deeper energies of transformation.  

Rituals and Sacred Spaces: 6 Steps to Create Your Altar

1. Repurpose the cherished objects you already have in your home.

The best part about this is that there are infinite ways to create an altar. Whether building a personal altar, or a group altar here are a few ways to make the most of your sacred space. 

Many of us have items such as stones, crystals, seashells, feathers, and candles in our living spaces.  By bringing these special objects together in one place, coupled with our intention, they can create a very simple and very real reminder of what is important to you and what you are working towards.  

2. Ask yourself what your intention is.

Before creating your altar take time to sit in meditation and become clear about your intentions for this particular altar and ritual. 

  • What is it that you are calling in? 
  • What are you letting go? 
  • What is the purpose for this specific ritual space? 

Song is a big part of my life and more often than not a song will come my way during this meditation, and ask to be sung while I create the altar. Bonfire Design Altar Photo with Black Moon Lilith Necklace

Photo by Bonfire Design. Black Moon Lilith Necklace is available here


3. Use the four elements (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air).

Often, the four elements, as well as spirit, are honored in an altar. 

You can use flowers, crystals or stones for the element of Earth, candles for the element of Fire, shells or a cup of sacred water (from a lake or river) for Water, and feathers or incense to represent Air.  For the fifth element, spirit, you can use a mirror, a picture of an ancestor, of the sun, or something else that symbolizes spirit for you. 

Traditionally there is also a place on the altar where you can place offerings.

4. Let inspiration be your guide.

As you place each item think of what that item means to you and what changes that you want to call in with it. Use your intuition and let spirit guide you here.  There truly is no wrong way. 

Rituals and Sacred Spaces: 6 Steps to Create Your Altar

5. Bring an offering to the altar.

When it feels finished light a candle, sing a song, burn some incent, or any other thing that you feel called to offer to the altar. 

Let it know that your intentions have been set and trust that many wonderful things have been set in motion. 

6. Experiment with different types of altars.

Alters come in all shapes and sizes and can be made for all sorts of intentions.  In our home, we have a protection altar, an abundance alter, and a creativity altar.  

I also have a personal altar dedicated to my own heart and spiritual practice.  On my personal altar also sits my Mesa.  This is a medicine bundle that I made with the Q’ero tribe of Peru that holds the most powerful of my power items.  I feed it with herbs, tobacco, and flowers from time to time. 

Bonfire Design How to Create Your Altar Blog post photos

This is also the alter that I use when someone comes to me with a need for energy work, as the stones placed inside are specific to moving different kinds of energy. 

I have also made group altars for healing a particular piece of land.  For this altar we only used items found on the land and asked permission before cutting any living plants.  This was a really special creation and a gift to the land made by a handful of very magical beings.

What I most want you to know when making an altar is that as long as you come to it with love and pure intentions in your heart there truly are infinite possibilities to creating a beautiful beacon for transformation and healing.

About the guest author 

Tasha Davy Bonfire Design Blog Post

Tasha Davy

Business Name: Kinti Craft
Located in: Issaquah, WA 
When I create I feel my ancestors watching over my shoulder, whispering words of wisdom and encouragement. Pachamama lends her voice, opens my heart and brings peace of mind as I pour blessings into my work. This jewelry is so much more than just art to me. It's my way of honoring the earth, my ancestors, and my own heart.
My main Influence is Mother Nature and the endless gifts and healing that she offers unconditionally. She truly is the best healer. If all I do in this life is honor her my work will be complete. ❤
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