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Petrified Palm Root Agate Heart Necklace

Unveil Your Inner Magic: One-of-a-Kind Petrified Palm Root Agate Heart Necklace

This spellbinding necklace isn't just adornment, it's a talisman for the self-loving Wiccan spirit. At its core lies a unique, petrified palm root agate heart, radiating the earth's ancient energy and whispering tales of resilience. The stone's natural markings and swirls become a canvas for your own intentions and magic.

Dangling from the heart's base is a black onyx crystal point, symbolizing grounding and protection. A silver spider on the crystal point weaves its web, a reminder of the intricate power and potential within us all.

Turn the pendant over to discover a powerful pentacle, the Wiccan symbol of the elements and harmony. A tiny black onyx stone rests at its center, anchoring your magic and channeling its flow.

More than just a necklace, this is a soul companion crafted for:

  • Self-love and empowerment: The heart shape celebrates self-acceptance and inner strength, while the agate fosters emotional balance and growth.
  • Connection to nature: The petrified wood whispers of the earth's magic, reminding you of your place in the grand tapestry of life.
  • Witchy power: The onyx and spider symbol tap into your intuition and inner wisdom, while the pentacle amplifies your intentions and spells.

This one-of-a-kind piece is as unique as you are. Embrace its magic and radiate your authentic Wiccan self.

The height of the pendant is 3" 
The width is 1.25" 

This pendant comes with 18" sterling silver chain. If you would like a shorter or longer chain, please reach out to me after you purchase so I can send you the pendant with your preferred chain length.