Lotus Necklace with Mandala Flower and Chakra Gemstones

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This lotus necklace with a flower mandala in it and a chakra gemstone of your choice is going to be an every day staple for you. 


Width: 2 inches
Height: 1 inch
Materials: Sterling silver + Chakra Color Gemstones
The stone used in the photo is turquoise.

Chakra Gemstones are:
Crown Chakra: Amethyst
Third Eye Chakra: Lapis
Throat Chakra: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Heart Chakra: Peridot
Solar Plexus: Citrine
Sacral Chakra: Salmon Coral
Root Chakra: Garnet

You can customize the chakra stones. If there is a different stone speaking to you for any of the chakras, please contact me so we can work on this together.

The stylized photos are a result of an amazing collaboration, thanks to:
Photography: Sierra Hurd 
Model: Megan Ahl-Mosher