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Chrysoprase Heart Necklace

Open Your Heart to Love & Joy: Handmade Chrysoprase Heart Necklace

Unleash the power of love and radiate positivity with this captivatinghandmade sterling silver chrysoprase heart necklace. More than just an adornment, this pendant is a conduit for healing and a reminder of the boundless love within you.

Embrace the magic of chrysoprase:

    • Vibrant green hues: The stone shimmers with a luminous green, echoing the energy of nature and new beginnings.
    • Heart chakra connection: Deeply linked to the heart chakra, chrysoprase fosters feelings of love, compassion, and forgiveness, promoting emotional balance and inner peace.
    • Healing properties: Known to reduce stress, anxiety, and negativity, chrysoprase encourages emotional well-being and personal growth.

Whisper a secret message:

Turn the pendant over to discover a delicate inscription:"love". This simple word holds immense power, serving as a constant reminder of the love you possess and deserve. Whether for yourself or a cherished loved one, this necklace embodies the essence of self-love and connection.

Perfectly suited for the free-spirited woman:

    • Hippie charm: The handcrafted design and natural gemstone resonate with the bohemian spirit, embracing individuality and connection to the earth.
    • Spiritual connection: Chrysoprase's healing properties and chakra alignment cater to those seeking self-discovery and growth.

More than just a Valentine's gift:

While this necklace makes a perfect Valentine's Day present for someone special, it's also a powerful reminder of self-love and acceptance, making it a meaningful gift for yourself or any woman who walks her own path.

Embrace the love within and radiate joy with this captivating chrysoprase heart necklace. Order yours today!

Height of the pendant is: 1.75"
width is: 1.5"

This pendant comes with 18" sterling silver chain. If you would like a shorter or longer chain, please reach out to me after you purchase so I can send you the pendant with your preferred chain length. 

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