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Blue Goldstone Heart Necklace

Pierce the Heart, Ignite the Soul: Blue Goldstone & Sterling Silver Sword Necklace

This isn't your average love story. Embrace the duality of love and pain with this captivating pendant, handcrafted in sterling silver. At its center lies aluminous blue goldstone heart, its starry depths shimmering with the promise of both romance and resilience. But a silver sword pierces through the heart, a symbol of strength and the courage to face darkness.

This is not just a necklace; it's a statement. It speaks to the woman who knows love isn't always sunshine and rainbows. It's for the one who embraces the shadows, who finds beauty in the bittersweet dance of passion and pain.

Turn the pendant, and unveil a hidden secret. Adelicate window framed by swirling, silver vine offers a glimpse of the blue goldstone's hidden depths. W

This piece is perfect for:

    • The dark romantic who celebrates the complexity of love.
    • The warrior goddess who embraces her strength and vulnerability.
    • The witchy soul who walks her own path, unafraid of shadows.

Pierce through expectations, ignite your inner fire, and wear your heart on your sleeve (with a touch of edge). Add this captivating necklace to your collection today!

Height of the pendant is: 1.5"
width is: 2"

This pendant comes with 18" sterling silver chain. If you would like a shorter or longer chain, please reach out to me after you purchase so I can send you the pendant with your preferred chain length.