Chakra Meditation Statement Necklace

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This meditation on a crescent moon with chakra gemstones statement necklace is designed for those who seek for the most unique piece of jewelry. The jewelry that speaks for their spiritual experience and love for yoga and meditation. It’s completely hand-sawed from a sterling silver sheet and days of work spent on this unique piece. At the back of the necklace, it is stamped “Namaste" with a lotus flower beneath it. 

Height: 2" 
Width: 2 1/4” 
Materials: Sterling Silver + Gemstones 

Chakra Gemstones are:
Crown Chakra: Amethyst
Third Eye Chakra: Lapis
Throat Chakra: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Heart Chakra: Peridot
Solar Plexus: Citrine
Sacral Chakra: Salmon Coral
Root Chakra: Garnet

You can customize the chakra stones. If there is a different stone speaking to you for any of the chakras, please contact me so we can work on this together.

The stylized photos are a result of an amazing collaboration, thanks to:
Photography: Sierra Hurd 
Model: Megan Ahl-Mosher