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Every Piece of Jewelry Tells a Story

Fairy on Moon Necklace with model shot

All the jewelry displayed in this blog is handcrafted by Bonfire Design. Model: Megan Ahl-Mosher Photography: Claire Johnson 


Every piece of jewelry tells the story of the person who wears it. This story extends beyond the person's fashion or lifestyle choices. It becomes her, it is her. Jewelry is her manifestation: a manifestation of who she is, what she is going through, and what she is becoming. Jewelry is an unwritten story on a woman's body that speaks silently.    

As a silversmith, I create metal infused with a voice that will one day speak for its wearer. Metal goes through fire, bears hammer strokes, is sawn with a thin blade by my hand. Just imagine, that blade is as thin as a single piece of your hair. That flat piece of metal sheet turns into a piece of art which tells the story of its wearer. That jewelry takes a new form, takes on a new life with its wearer, goes on different adventures, and becomes part of the memories of the one who wears it. I love what I do because I create stories. I make stories, and those stories grow bigger when I release them. In 4 years, over a thousand pieces of jewelry have left my hands and settled on to the skin of people who made them part of their story. I love hearing why my customers buy a particular piece, finding out what it represents to them, seeing the beginning of the memories it will become.  


 Click to see Triple Moon Goddess Necklace / Black Onyx Hoop Earrings  Model: Jacquelynne Faith Bernstein Photography: Bekka Bjorke  


 Click to see Sterling Silver Butterfly Earrings with Garnet 



 Click to see Fairy on the Moon Opal Necklace



Click to see the Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring  



Click to see Flower Dangle Earrings with Opal



Click to see Lotus Hoop Earrings with Garnet 


So what is the story of your jewelry? Comment below and tell me about it or contact me and let's create one together. Would you like to see more blog news or exclusive VIP deals? Join me by the Bonfire and become a part of our tribe!